Drilling and Countersinking Holes

Drilling holes is among the most common yet demanding processes in metalworking, and adding countersinking further complicates the process. Countersinking is to enlarge and/or bevel the side of a hole to allow any given fixture to be sunk below the surface of that hole.

The easiest way to drill and countersink a hole is to use a drill press. Wiedenbeck, Inc. is equipped with a Wilton VSG 20 Variable Speed Drill Press. We use this machinery to drill holes that are exactly perpendicular to their surface. Its combination belt and gear drive delivers full power at low speeds to handle a wide range of maintenance and production drilling applications. Our skilled operators create processes that eliminate variability and maintain the accuracy of the hole being drilled.

Our capabilities include:

  • Drilling capacity up to 1″
  • 3″ quill diameter
  • 7″ quill travel
  • Variable speed
  • Controlled depth
  • Full 360° table swing, full 360° drill head swing
  • Power feed rates of .004, .006, .009, and .012 inches/revolution
  • Accurate hole depth is maintained through spindle dwelling at bottom of stroke until feed is manually disengaged
  • Countersinking
  • Deburring