Press Brake Forming and Bending

In press brake bending, a work piece placed between upper and lower dies forms through the force and pressure exerted by lowering the ram. Although press braking appears to be a simple concept, maintaining accuracy can often be quite difficult. Precision bending is a function of the press, the tooling, the work piece material, and the operator. Wiedenbeck, Inc. is equipped with an AccurPress Hydraulic Press Brake and AccurPress tooling – the finest brake and tooling manufactured. This brake offers flexibility and programmable CNC, combined with extreme accuracy and repeatability, allowing Wiedenbeck to handle both small, fast jobs and heavy duty industrial pressing. We provide the finest quality materials and employ extremely skilled operators to ensure that you receive the highest-quality end product.

Our capabilities include:

  • Bending material up to 1/2″ thick, 12′ long
  • 320 ton capacity
  • +/- 0.001″ repeat accuracies
  • 124″ between frames
  • 10″ throat depth
  • CNC bending providing quality, consistently bent products
  • ETS 3000 programmable backgauge
  • 3000 on-board programs, 50 steps per program
  • Crowning die holder allows for raising or lowering of the crown height for true 90° bends throughout the full length of the bend

Sheet and plate can be furnished bent to the shape you require. Click the link below to see some standard shapes to choose from.

Download our Bending Brochure