Shearing Plate and Sheet

Sheet and plate shearing involves cutting metal to size out of larger stock so that it can be used for other purposes. Shearing is a cutting force applied to metal causing a straight line to be cut on flat sheet stock. Wiedenbeck, Inc. is equipped with an AccurShear Hydro-Mechanical Shear – engineered with a superior design for precision shearing accuracy. This shear offers the highest shearing rating capabilities and the lowest fixed rake angles to reduce bow and twist distortions in sheared pieces. Wiedenbeck provides the finest quality materials and employs extremely skilled operators to ensure that you receive the highest-quality end product.

Our capabilities include:

    • Shear material 24ga to 1/2″ thick, 10′ long
    • Shear up to 80,000 P.S.I. tensile and 44,000 yield strengths
    • Adjustable gap blades – reduces bending
    • 36″ backgauge range with swing up backstop
    • 10′ squaring arm with steel rule, 1/16″ increments

Many shapes can be produced by shearing sheet and plate, and Wiedenbeck can furnish material cut to the shape you require. Click the link below to see some standard shapes to choose from.

Download our Shape Cutting Brochure